FLYERBEE | Automate, Innovate, Transform your Engagement & Ambient Media Marketing Business
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It’s an exciting time for Out-of-Home.

It’s the top of 2017, and we are gearing up to launch software for poster and flyer distribution. Customizable to individual ambient media, poster, and billboard companies, the platform and app are tailored to help grow your business.

For quite some time now, we’ve been working together with poster distribution companies to create tools that will make the distribution of ad media – posters, flyers, and postcards – easier and more efficient. You will save time and become much more profitable.

Now is the time to sign up! Our Alpha Version is nearly ready. You can test it out and give us feedback so that we can address your challenges.

The FLYERBEE software makes responding to customer requests faster; reporting is also easy thanks to rich target group data and analytics. Dispatch teams can stop wasting time and energy on creating location lists and planning poster and flyer runs.

The FLYERBEE system provides optimal ad media scheduling in line with customer budgets. Campaigns of the same media formats and target groups are assigned to team members on a weekly or even daily basis for guaranteed time efficiency.

It is even possible to see “live” what teams are up to in the field. And customers can log in to receive same-day photo documentation. After a campaign is finished, customers can then get access to visually compelling reports with analytics data.

Sales, dispatch, and distribution teams enjoy streamlined communication thanks to the mobile app.

All classic ad distribution and ambient media companies can future-proof their business with our tools and services. FLYERBEE is an all-in-one platform that guarantees improved distribution.

FLYERBEE takes Distribution into the Future.

Classic ad media is advancing into a new era. With automation, route optimization, and mobile solutions.


Manage your poster & flyer distribution processes easier and faster: from orders to invoicing


Ensure streamlined communication with your ad buyers, private ad location owners, and other ad site managers


Simplify and enhance regional, national, and international campaigns carried out together with your partners