Unique Approach

We are a unique approach to enable a global, decentralized, SmartCity for people and an Offline/Online Ad Management SaaS platform with a clear path to build a robust Services Marketplace for Retail.

Urban Cultural Advertising

Our mission is to provide a privacy-focused advertising alternative for city cultural activities and help cities/retail/cultural venues defend themselves from the dominant invasion of the commercial powers of Amazon, H&M, and Walmart style homogeny.

Simple Idea

Essentially, have created a platform that helps Urban Cultural Activity Promotion companies manage their work and campaigns and we add some additional technology to their locations that give people access to an online version of what they distribute in a paper form.


FLYERBEE's Customer

If you are an Urban Ambient Media company with a strong focus on cultural advertising our solution is really built perfectly for you.


Industry Expertise

Perhaps you are poster distribution company or a flyer distribution company, well, we know your challenges.

Working together with people from the industry, we created an intelligent and robust privacy-centric advertising platform designed especially for this market.

Advertising Future of Augmented Reality

Prepare your business & City for Augmented Reality (AR).

Not only can you provide the same services better and more efficiently, but you can prepare for the future of global advertising.

Your Efficiency & Customer Happiness

The platform is much more than just creating, scheduling, managing, and monitoring poster ad campaigns.

Under your control, it builds a unique audience analytics and engagement reporting tool.

Team & Multi-Vendor Quality Control

The seamless delivery of proof of performance (PoP) to customers with the mobile app, and the analytics and measurement tools available through the reporting tool, all serve to drive sales and engagement.

Decentralized Scalability

Whether you have a few hundred locations you service or thousands, FLYERBEE turns working with your partners into a powerful audience access decentralized network.

Philipp küng

Philipp küng


Agustin Musi

Agustin Musi




Clojure Developer

Enable Print's OOH future

What we are building is an Ambient Media Collaboration Platform with Campaign & Order Management and integrated Marketplace.

Our customers augment their existing and current print Advertising products by using our platform for daily business operations.

The tools provide amazing set of features automaticly and ultimately simplify the process of providing KPI rich reports, performance measurement, contractor management, route optimization, and much more.


Technical Enhancements

When we add some IoT technology to their regular advertising locations, i.e. “Add Bluetooth Beacons to the posters”, they can begin to offer a hybrid advertising option to print that can not only add value to the business with privacy

Wow your customers with a new form of mixed reality and hybrid ads that add simultaneous digital and print engagement metrics and consumer value.

Automate & Expand Market

By automating a log of the old manual processes, we not only make the business more efficient, we also provide a more powerful and easy method to add customers and deal flow.

Find out how you can transform your business to be better than ever.