Augmented Reality (AR/MR)
will change your Ad business!

We have a plan to prepare your business.

Ambient Media Collaboration Platform with Campaign & Order Management and integrated Marketplace.

Add customer value to your current products by providing KPI rich reports, performance measurement, contractor management, route optimization, and much more.

“Chip the posters” – Wow your customers with a new form of mixed reality and hybrid ads that add simultaneous digital and print engagement metrics and consumer value.

Find out how you can transform your business to be better than ever.


OOH has always been treated as the redheaded stepchild of media because it was not measurable in many ways. But we’re now … getting some intelligent data around physical locations. DAN HIGHT of xAD

New media channels don’t tend to replace older ones, but, rather, they find “a happy form of co-existence”. MARK MULHERN of iCROSSING
Until teleportation is an option, consumers will go outside. OOH will endure. JEFF TAN of POSTERSCOPE
You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements. NORMAN DOUGLAS
Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time. HENRY FORD
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