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Software designed just for your location-based advertising business

paper distribution & advertising logistics are dynamic and complex


The various needs of schedule management, route optimization, the tasks to maintain ad deal flow, warehouse, and material management, and performance reports for customers.



With the operational system that includes workforce automation, campaign planning, and reporting you will be even more efficient.


A small, low-cost, technical innovation to extend your current paper distribution product offering.

Drive new metrics, engagement, and value for both your customers and you.

With a simple and inexpensive chip, your posters, in every location, will allow the public to engage with the ads, buy tickets, or get additional information.



Increase city-to-city and country-to-country deal flow by connecting directly to partners and delegating distributions (bids).


Speed up Your Customers’ “yes”

Efficiently generate proposals and invoices.

Customer Relationship Mgmt

Benefit from CRM and contract storage.

Inventory Management

Easily manage ad sites, locations, and street teams.

Easy Booking & Quotes

Search for available ad sites and schedule distribution flexibly.


Verify distribution via photos matched to the relevant campaign and locations using the mobile app.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Give your advertiser clients access to a branded customer login for proof-of-performance, campaign history & monitoring, and deployment reports.

 Automate Partner Deal flow access

New partners find and work with you more efficiently with the external distribution queue.


Extend your traditional advertising’s reach through digital ad campaigns and hybrid advertising. Our platform transforms and leverages your classic ad real estate and advertiser relationships. Profit from FLYERBEE’s technology to make print advertising interactive and to bring hyper-local, proximity-based marketing to classic advertising with the help of the Internet of Things, the Physical Web, and beacon technology.
Use unique targeting and access rich data & statistics; communicate with ad consumers through hyper-local engaging advertising.
Enhance print ads with mobile phone interactions connected to visible proximity, messaging, and app integrations.
Tap into digital ad budgets and earn more from digital-only marketing technology (e.g. retargeting).

Paper content distributed at that location
visible to consumers
on their phones only when nearby.


Working with other poster network partners easier and more efficient. City-by-city and fragmented markets connect on the platform for effortless and productive communication. Setting roles, permissions and transparency levels internally and for partners provides flexibility in configuring how the platform is used and what access and transparency is provided.


Start an Advertising Revolution

A business automation platform, and a powerful and unique way to grow your business as a poster distribution and Ambient Media company.

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